Welcome to Trace Imaginations Design. Are you an aspiring author, or even one which has been published multiple times?  If you are, you well know the necessity of having brilliant graphics  from the cover that graces your book to the promotional items to promote it.  Not to mention blogs and websites to promote on.  That’s where Trace Imaginations Design comes in.  Our lead designer,  a recent double graduate of the International Academy of Art and Design has this experience.  Becki can not only service your cover needs but also those needed to promote your work.  While attending school, Becki has freelanced  for the past three years creating cover art and graphics for several publishers.  Now that she’s the  proud owner of two degrees, one in Graphic Design and the other in Web Design and Development, she’s happy to open her own personal business site and offer the same services she’s offered to several publishers, including Excessica Publishing,  Eirelander Publishing and No Boundaries Press.   And what’s even better, as an author herself, she knows the important of quality work at an affordable price.  Whether its a premade cover or a custom designed cover, Becki will strive to give the person a  quality design, you can be proud to show off.